They trust us

MACIF Trimaran (2013-2019 program)

The MACIF group, owner of the trimaran which was launched in 2015, entrusted the project management to MerConcept. Winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre, the Transat, The Bridge, this Ultim smashed the record for the solo circumnavigation of the world in 42 days in 2017 and finished second in the Route du Rhum in 2018 after an amazing hand to hand battle to the finish line. 
Equipped with solar panels and a wind turbine, it is part of an initiative aimed at reducing as fossil energy consumption as much as is possible.

It was returned to the water after a long winter refit which was focused on optimizing its flight performance and stability. It will take part in the Brest Atlantiques race in November 2019.

MACIF Trimaran (2020-2024 program)

Building on the success achieved with the trimaran launched in 2015, MACIF has renewed its confidence in MerConcept for the management of its new Ultim which is to be launched in spring 2021. From its design to its construction, through the preparation and techncial choices of its crew, this avant-garde boat will push the limits of the technological innovation and performance even further.

IMOCA APIVIA (2018-2022)

With the experience and skills gained during the 2012 Vendée Globe victory, and technological expertise developed on the MACIF trimaran MerConcept was chosen by Apivia Mutual to accompany Charlie Dalin on a project capable of winning the Vendée Globe 2020.
The engineers and technicians of the MerConcept team are commited to designing and building the most successful 60 feet foiling monohull, which Charlie Dalin also benefits from sharing François Gabart’s wide experience in order to optimize his preparation and achieve his objectives.

Figaro 3 (from 2019)

Since 2019, MerConcept have welcomed and worked with a new generation of young talents on the Figaro circuit, managing the skipper MACIF program. These sailors, destined to become the best competitors on the national scene, benefit from the team’s expertise in handling their foiling Figaro 3 .
Helped in the technical and logistical preparation of their boats, they can rely on the advice of François and Charlie to become formidable competitive sailors.