What makes us unique?

From the targeted, comprehensive and ambitious research and development policy of our design office to the expertise of our technical team as well as the experience of our management and communication division, we bring together all of the necessary skills and tools to accompany you in our shared quest for excellence.

Our competitiveness, sharing the satisfacion of continued successes and the drive for more,
are among the fundamentals which propel our operation.


Offshore racing boat design

Development and integration
of electronic and computer systems: IT

Artificial intelligence

Design, implementation and specification of mechanical systems

Design and integration of hydraulic systems
3D digital modelling

Performance studies / data processing and analysis

Aerodynamic expertise

Technical expertise

Advice, coordination, project management of boat builds

Manufacture of composite parts (daggerboards, rudders, foils …)

Installation of mechanical and hydraulic systems

Preparation and optimization of racing boats

Associated aspects of performance (sleep, nutrition, mental preparation …)

Weather Routing

Project management